Sarong - Ocean Breeze

Sale priceR340.00

KOIKOI's Standard Sarong is the ultimate holiday accessory, perfect for any tropical getaway.

✓ Rectangular shape for versatile styling

✓ Tasseled edges for a stylish finish

✓ Lightweight and easy to pack, making it travel-friendly

Color: Ocean Breeze

The KOIKOI Brand

KOIKOI is a contemporary leisurewear brand grounded on the ethos of a comfortable everyday life. We believe leisurewear should not only be worn on vacation but rather become an extension of how you want to live - relaxed. Our mission is to redefine relaxation by merging style and comfort, allowing you to feel at ease wherever you go.

Relaxed Lifestyle:

Embrace leisurewear that complements a laid-back, comfortable lifestyle.

Everyday Elegance

Our designs are perfect for both casual outings and cozy days at home.

Contemporary Design

Modern aesthetics combined with ultimate comfort to suit any occasion.

Clothing with a Conscience

At KOIKOI, we take pride in producing a fully sustainable range of clothing. Our signature garments are made from organic kikoy fabric, a 100% cotton textile grown and woven in Kenya by local artisans. Transported to our factory in Cape Town, South Africa, these fabrics are transformed into stylish and eco-friendly leisurewear.

Sustainable Practices

Commitment to organic, locally sourced materials and ethical manufacturing.

Unique Textiles

Combining traditional African fabrics with modern design elements.

Community Support

Empowering local communities in Kenya and Cape Town through fair employment and training opportunities.